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Human Digestive System

Video of Human Digestion Process Human Digestive System – see the video of human digestion process. Learn how the food passes through different parts of the digestive system and gets… Read more »

Read and listen to prize winning essay by Shruti Mehrotra

If I were on Mars by Shruti Mehrotra Prize winning science essay on “If I were on Mars” by Shruti Mehrotra, Class 12, Tagore Public School, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. This… Read more »

Geologist Dr. Suvrat Kher talks about Deccan Basalts

Deccan Basalts Talk by geologist Dr. Suvrat Kher Geologist Dr. Suvrat Kher talks about Deccan Basalts, volcanic eruptions, rocks in western ghats of Sahydri to the community of Khula Aasmaan… Read more »

Sahasrar, small-scale supercomputer

Supercomputer SahasrarĀ  Sahasrar is one of the fastest small-scale supercomputers in India. It is housed in the premises of Centre for Modeling & Simulation (CMS), Savitribai Phule Pune University. Performance… Read more »

Geologist Dr. Suvrat Kher talks to Khula Aasmaan on geology and his journey

Geologist Dr. Suvrat Kher on his love for geology In this science video for Khula Aasmaan community of children, college students, parents and teachers, geologist Suvrat Kher talks about his… Read more »