Geologist Dr. Suvrat Kher talks to Khula Aasmaan on geology and his journey

Geologist Dr. Suvrat Kher talks about geology and his journey in this science video

Geologist Dr. Suvrat Kher on his love for geology

In this science video for Khula Aasmaan community of children, college students, parents and teachers, geologist Suvrat Kher talks about his love for geology and his career journey.

I got to know Dr. Suvrat Kher first as a football coach who introduced the wonderful sport of football to young kids. The love and passion for football has remained alive in most of the kids who have grown up over the years and are scattered all over the world. This speaks volumes about the passion with which Suvrat Kher along with Suhrud and Swapneel Khare have worked with the youngsters over the years through their football and rugby club KFANDRA. It was later that I learnt about Suvrat being a trained geologist, his passion for geology and his blog Rapid Uplift.


Geologist Dr. Suvrat Kher talks about geology and his journey in this science video

Geologist Dr. Suvrat Kher talks about geology and his journey in this science video

Suvrat Kher is a sedimentary geologist. He did his PhD from Florida State University in the United States, specializing in limestones and sedimentary basin evolution. Suvrat has work experience in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing. He resides in Pune, Maharashtra, and divides his time between consulting in geology and coaching football and rugby. Over the past 10 years he has pursued geology outreach via his science blog Rapid Uplift. His Twitter handle is @rapiduplift ( . He also takes geology excursions to the Western Ghats and the Himalayas.

Science video with Suvrat Kher

Suvrat in his own words :

Never too interested in bookish knowledge, I took to geology quite early in my life. As a school kid I used to wander the hills around Pune, collecting minerals and rocks. When the time came to choose a career path I didn’t hesitate and decided to major in geology. This was not a commonly pursued career choice in those days. My parents however fully supported me in my determination to make geology my career. Geology is the study of the earth, both its surface and the deep interior. Like any sciences, it is a vast field with many sub-specializations.

A career in the petroleum and mining industry will be familiar to many, but geology also offers other avenues. Groundwater exploration and management, environmental geology, geophysics and earthquake studies, understanding glaciers and their connection to rivers, coastal landscapes and their dynamics in wake of changing sea levels and wave patterns, and geological expertise provided in large infrastructure projects, are some major career pathways.

Geology has been an intensely rewarding experience in my life. Even if you don’t want to pursue this field as a career, I would encourage students to go out and explore the landscape around you and develop geology as a hobby. For those who want to pursue other sciences as a career, I would encourage them to take up geology at least for a year in college. It will make our earth’s deep past more accessible and also help you understand its relevance in solving the many problems our society faces today.

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